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SSR LLC is a differentiated investment research boutique built to provide an essential, yet missing, element of research: the weighting of sub-sectors within broad industrial categories.

Using healthcare as an example, the relative performance of one drug stock versus another, or one health insurer versus another, offers relatively little alpha, especially as the companies in key healthcare sub-sectors become larger through consolidation – and thus more similar to one another.

In contrast, the choice of whether to under- or over-weight a given sub-sector within the broader healthcare portfolio – e.g. large cap drugs v. biotech, health insurers v. PBMs, med devices v. commodity hospital supplies or even hospitals v. generic drugs is a (series of) decision(s) with much greater impact on portfolio alpha.

Likewise technology; choosing one handset maker versus another is of course important, but the decision of whether to be in service providers v. handsets, or even content generators v. content aggregators, is far more important.

By simultaneously maintaining both a broad view of our industries, and a fundamentally detailed view of the sub-sectors that make up these industries, we offer guidance on portfolio composition that we believe is both highly impactful, and otherwise unavailable.


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